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Spotflow industrial IoT platform enables developers to collect & process data, manage devices from the cloud, and build smart IoT solutions.
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Spotflow Industrial IoT platform for connecting and managing devices from the cloud and building IoT solutions.
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All Platform Features for Creating Valuable Solutions

Connect your devices using Device SDK, configure & control them from the cloud, and ingest machine data to the various storages and apps. Build insights on top of the data using built-in tools or 3rd party integrations.
Device integration with device SDK3 dots iconDevice integration with device SDK

Device integration

Integrate any devices with the platform using Device SDK and make all platform features instantly available. Connect devices directly to the cloud or via IoT gateway. Automate device provisioning to support a fleet of any size without human intervention.

3 dots iconDevice management connected devices

Device Management

Device fleet monitoring to understand the state of your devices. Build-in device-to-cloud communication with support for synchronous and asynchronous communication to control devices from the cloud. Automatic device configuration to keep devices' configuration always up-to-date.

Machine data collection with Device SDKMachine data collection with Device SDK3 dots icon

Data Collection & Processing

Ingest any type and size of data into the platform. Route data into various storages or directly into 3rd party applications. Process your data on-the-fly and store them according to the needs of your solution. Optimize your data delivery path to ensure data delivery guarantees are met.

IoT platform integration via rest API and SDK3 dots icon


REST APIs and SDKs to satisfy all requirements of your solutions. User-friendly CLI and GUI to address most common use cases. Cloud-native platform storage with role-based access control for seamless integration. White-labeling and Active Directory support to match your corporate environment.

IoT analytics dashboard example3 dots icon

IoT Analytics

Instant insights into your machines through managed Grafana visualization tool, integration with OpenTelemetry endpoint to support your monitoring tools, and native support for popular third-party visualization tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Looker, JupyterLab, and more.

edge computing scheme3 dots icon

Edge computing

Process your data within the local network to reduce processing latency, lower connectivity costs, and improve data security. Develop your code on a local machine, containerize, and upload it to the cloud repository. Assign containers to your edge devices to deploy them automatically.

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4 Easy Steps to Build Your IoT Solutions

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Install our Device SDK to your device, embed secure access token, and start sending data by simply calling Device SDK methods. The Device SDK ensures that devices stay connected no matter what. It automatically refreshes the connection to the cloud, buffering and prioritizing data delivery based on the platform configuration and state of the connection.

1 from spotflow_device import ProvisioningToken, DeviceClientOptions, DeviceClient
3 options = DeviceClientOptions("spotflow.db", ProvisioningToken("secret_token"), "thermometer01")
5 client = DeviceClient.start(options)
1  # include "spotflow.h"
3  void send_data(spotflow_client_t* client);
5  int main()
7      spotflow_client_options_t* options;
8      spotflow_client_options_create(&options, "spotflow.db", "secret_token", "thermometer01");
10   spotflow_client_t* client;
11   spotflow_client_start(&client, options);
13    send_data(client);
15   spotflow_client_destroy(client);
16   spotflow_client_options_destroy(options);
17 }

Integrate Device SDK into your device SW and feed your machine data to methods within the SDK. We will take care of the rest, ensuring that delivery of data is prioritized according to platform's configuration and data is normalized upon arrival. No matter what is the state of your connection to the cloud.

1  import json
3 sender = client.create_stream_sender(stream_group = "weathermonitor", stream = "temperature")
5 message = json.dumps({"temperature": 22})
6 sender.send_message(message.encode())
1  # include "spotflow.h"
2   # include <string.h>
4  void send_data(spotflow_client_t* client);
6      spotflow_message_content_t* ctx;
7      spotflow_message_context_create(&ctx, "weathermonitor", "temperature");
9      const char* msg = "{\"temperature\": 22}";
10    spotflow_client_send_message(client, ctx, NULL, NULL, msg, strlen(msg));
12    spotflow_message_context_destroy(ctx);
13 }

Once your devices are connected and registered to the platform, you will have nice overview of their status, see how much data they send or you can manage their configuration if you want.

3 dots iconManage console preview

You can start building your IoT solution by routing incoming data into storage backends for you custom solutions, use ready-made tools that are part of the platform, or route data into 3rd party applications that you have within your existing ecosystem.

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One Platform to Manage Your IoT Infrastructure

Control your IoT infrastructure from the cloud and gain valuable insights into your devices. Seamlessly connect the platform with your current ecosystem.
Spotflow IoT platform rockets developers to quickly build IoT solutions without initial infrastructure deployment

Easy to start now

You can start building your IoT solution now, without needing initial infrastructure deployment. Once registered, all platform features are available to you. On top of that, Spotflow industrial IoT platform is very easy to use and well-documented, providing getting-started tutorials and solution blueprints. You can start generating value in hours.

State of the art architecture

The world of IoT is complex. We’re here to follow the recent trends, keeping the platform always state-of-the-art, so you can focus on what matters the most for your business - generating value for your customers. The platform provides a level of abstraction on top of the diverse world of various devices, protocols, access patterns, and more.

IoT platform as a level of abstraction on top of the diverse world of various devices, protocols, and access patterns.
Developer-focused IoT platform icon

Developer Focused

We fully understand the needs of developers bringing new IoT solutions to life since there are many of them among us. Solution developers are the platform's primary focus and we know developers need complete flexibility. That's why we equipped the platform with all necessary interfaces, from low-level granular APIs to SDKs, CLIs, and GUI.

Ready for harsh conditions

Are your devices running in a remote location with low-quality Internet? Often Internet outages? The platform and its components, such as Device SDK and IoT Gateway, are designed to ensure no data is lost. The platform components constantly cache data and optimize delivery based on the data's nature and the Internet's quality.

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What do our clients say?

Photo of Thijs Voogt, Head of Data and AI, Lely

Thijs Voogt

Head of Data and AI, Lely Industries N.V.

"For us at Lely, the satisfaction of our customers is a key. Thanks to the implementation of the Spotflow IIoT platform, we gained the opportunity to offer our customers additional products and services. As an example, our customers can now individualize the care of their animals and monitor their health condition 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
We were able to introduce our paid subscription Horizon Farm Management solution based on this IoT platform in >60 countries absorbing huge amounts of real-time IoT data of the machines and animals for over 90% of our customers worldwide in a scalable and reliable way. We continue to develop and scale all our Data applications build on top of this foundation."

Photo of Marc Bierman,CTO, CUP&CINO

marc Biermann


"Our goal is to provide the best coffee solutions to our customers. Thanks to the implementation of the Spotflow IIoT platform, we were able to start collecting data from our machines around the world continuously. Now we have a perfect overview of the state and condition of all devices and the behavior of our customers.
We understand the workload of all appliances, customer preferences, and consumption of individual types of coffee, so
we can constantly improve our services, respond to trends and predict consumption. Also, we can optimize the amount of roasted coffee delivered and eliminate losses caused by coffee spoilage."

Photo of Kris Hayes, Lead Data Engineer, Lely

Kris Hayes

Lead Data Engineer, Lely Industries N.V.

"Spotflow IIoT platform ensures that data is gathered from more than 30,000 machines in a near real-time manner. The data is securely sent to and stored on centralized cloud-based storage, which makes it immediately accessible to our teams working on various innovative projects.  Our key requirement was to make this process fully autonomous and robust because we couldn’t keep supporting it manually, given the size of our fleet.
On top of data ingestion,
we can remotely configure and monitor all machines using simple tools with the ultimate goal of making the process fully automated in the future, such that the need to visit them physically is dramatically reduced. For example, we can detect disruptions to our data processing pipelines and resolve issues when they occur, if not before."

JAKUB BURES, Technical Lead of Data & IoT, Datamole

Jakub Bures

Technical Lead of Data & IoT, Datamole

"I have been working with the platform for over three years on its applications in the field. I witnessed the creators unable to stop discussing the topics of distributed systems, clouds, and technologies regardless of place, occasion, and weather. :). Yet they consistently succeeded in breaking out of their bubble and, with curiosity, listened and discussed with me the "real world" problems of our customers. They were always looking for a solution that might not be the easiest but the right one.
Over the past years, the platform went through a period of dynamic development, which wasn't always easy, but now I can confidently say that it has matured enough. The team has many ideas for what to build next, yet the
foundations are solid."

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